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PyMP3Cut :

  • PyMP3Cut is a Python command line tool designed to cut very huge MP3 files at a blazzingly fast rate without requiring the extra disk space and processing time usually needed by Audacity or other similar visual audio editing tools, which convert the MP3 format to more easily manageable formats like WAV before doing anything. The WAV conversion usually requires 10 times more disk space !
  • PyMP3Cut doesn't convert anything : it reads and cuts simultaneously, according to the autodetected audio frame rate and a timeline passed as a command line argument. You can think of PyMP3Cut as being some sort of very careful chainsaw ;-) Since there's no back and forth MP3 conversion, there's no quality loss either !
  • PyMP3Cut was designed to slice high quality MP3 recordings of day-long congresses into smaller per-speaker MP3 files. It only needs the exact same amount of disk space as the original file to slice, even less if you plan to skip some parts, which PyMP3Cut can do automatically if you use a specially formatted *SKIP* entry in your timeline. It was successfully used many times against several hundredths megabytes MP3 files.
  • WARNING : PyMP3Cut currently doesn't handle Variable Bit Rate (VBR) MP3 files.
  • Services we can offer around PyMP3Cut are :
    • Timelines creation and MP3 processing of your own files : you send us your files and you tell us how to cut them, we will listen to them, create the timeline, cut the files, and send them back to you as small slices.
    • Create a timeline editor adapted to your needs : graphical, textual, web-based, etc...

    Just contact us for a quote.

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