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Technical Support

Available Software :

Unless when stated otherwise, all the software below are licensed under the GNU General Public License of the Free Software Foundation

  • ZShell : Manipulate the Zope Object DataBase with Unix shell like commands
  • pkpgcounter : Generic Page Description Language parser
  • PyKota : A full featured, free, centralized and extensible Print Quota and Accounting Software Solution for CUPS on GNU/Linux and Unix-like systems, with PostgreSQL and LDAP support
  • Tea4CUPS : Highly versatile generic CUPS backend capture & dispatch
  • Gogol : A french Google parody
  • TapeLabels : A PDF generator for LTO Ultrium Barcode Tape Labels
  • punishment : Funny punishment generator
  • pyplet : An IRC bot who speaks !
  • DigicaMerge : A powerful tool to automate the manipulation and renaming of digital pictures with user-defineable naming schemes. Exif informations can also be used in naming schemes if needed.
  • debsync : Synchronise Debian GNU/Linux machines installed packages lists
  • ZWeatherApplet : The Zope Weather applet
  • ScanErrLog : Web Servers error log statistics
  • PyMP3Cut : Automated MP3 slicing
  • PDFMap : Automated generation of very high quality clickable maps in PDF format
  • jered : Powerful but very easy to use text editor for unix type systems
  • jaxml : Automated XML generation
  • ZShellScripts : Unifies the Zope notion of Scripts and provides several Script interpreters : Python, Unix shell , Lisp, Perl, PHP, Ruby, and Zope ZShell

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