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DigicaMerge :

DigicaMerge is a command line tool to merge directories of pictures taken with digital cameras.

If you've got a digital camera, your hard disk probably contains many directories full of pictures all named with the same names. This utility allows you to merge such directories' contents into a new directory, and renames all the pictures on the fly, ensuring no filename clash will occur.

You can define your own naming scheme, using either a set of predefined variables or any recognized Exif tag which may be present in your pictures, and also specify a pattern to select only certain files. You can also launch post-processing commands which have access to many preset environment variables giving you full control over filesystem interaction.

Of course, digicamerge is not limited to picture files, you can use it as successfully with any directory containing files named from a regular pattern.



  1. - Download the latest digicamerge version from :

  2. - Extract it :

    $ gzip -d digicamerge-x.xx.tar.gz | tar -xf -

    where x.xx is digicamerge's latest version number.

  3. - Install it :
    Go to digicamerge's directory:

    $ cd digicamerge-x.xx

    Just type:

    $ python install

    You may need to be logged in with sufficient privileges (e.g. root)

    This will generally install digicamerge in /usr/local/bin or an equivalent path depending on your system.

  4. - Launch it :
    Just type :

    $ digicamerge

    And read the long help message which contains examples.

NB : You need a Python Exif Module. Two exists and both are supported. Just download one of them from :

PyExif : by Gene Cash :

and install it on your system before running digicamerge.

NB : You need Python version 2.0 or higher to run digicamerge. Recent RedHat distros come with Python 1.5.2 as their default Python interpreter, please replace the word python on the very first line of digicamerge by the word python2 if you see this problem, and digicamerge should work.

Please e-mail bugs to: (Jerome Alet)

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