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Latest modification : 2006-12-05 17:23 (french time)

DigicaMerge News :

  • 2.00 :
    • Added the -n | --nodupes command line option to remove duplicate files.
    • Added a manual page.
  • 1.80 :
    • Added special comment so that Python doesn't output a warning because of encoding.
  • 1.70 :
    • Added support for more variables in the naming scheme.
    • Added the -C|--copy command line option to allow files to be copied instead of moved.
  • 1.60 :
    • Now Gene Cash module is supported as well, but the old one still is the default if you have both installed. Warning : Exif tags are named differently between the two modules.
  • 1.50 :
    • Allows postprocessing commands to be launched, they have access to the same set of predefined variables as digicamerge itself in naming schemes, plus many additional ones, but through the environment. See help or source for details and examples, or use printenv as digicamerge's postprocessing command !
    • Bug when --touch was used and no DateTime field in Exif data was corrected.
  • 1.0 :
    • First public release

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