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debsync :

debsync is a Python command line tool which helps to synchronise the installed packages lists on several existing Debian GNU/Linux machines.

debsync gets a list of installed packages from a master host, and installs or removes packages on several hosts to match the master's package list.

debsync can do its work either over ssh (default) or rsh.

debsync is different from fai (Full Automated Installation) because AFAIK fai works with machines you plan to install automatically and identically, while debsync's goal is to update a bunch of existing and different machines to the level at which they both have the same packages installed as those installed on a master host.


You can use the -S | --Simulate command line option to see what debsync would do. In this case nothing dangerous is done.

If you don't use -S | --Simulate, please understand that you receive this software with absolutely NO WARRANTY. While this is highly improbable, this software may render your system unstable.

If your machines use different versions of Debian, final result may not match what you expect. Currently you have to ensure that all your machines use the same Debian version.

You have been warned.

Enjoy !

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