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PDFMap :

  • PDFMap is both a command line tool, a CGI script and a Python language module, designed to make the automated generation of very high quality interactive maps in the PDF format easy.
  • PDFMap can place different objects on a rasterized map background, scale and orient them correcly, and make them clickable to interact with any web-enabled application or other similar maps.
  • PDFMap objects are either geometrical shapes or images :
    • Shapes can be filled or not, and can have an internal (fill) color and an external (contour) color. Some shapes samples are : squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds...
    • Images can be downloaded from anywhere at runtime. Transparent images are supported, and a transparency color can be forced if needed (e.g. non-transparent images)
  • You'll learn more about PDFMap looking at some Screenshots , and running its tests programs. To do this you'll have to Download it. You can also subscribe to the mailing list if you want to discuss about this software.
  • Services we can offer around PDFMap are :
    • On-site installation, adaptation to your real needs (e.g. Web integration)
    • On site training for users or developpers
    • Develop data extractors and converters from any source (your database, MS-Excel, flat files) to PDFMap's input format
    • Add functionnalities (e.g. new shape types)
    • Technical support

    Just contact us for a quote.

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