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Latest modification : 2006-12-05 17:23 (french time)

PDFMap News :

  • 2.00 : Now works without warning with recent versions of Python. Code restructured a bit, there's now an independant executable named pdfmap, and a Python module (pdfmap.maptool).

    API doc regenerated.

  • 1.60 :

    Now needs ReportLab 1.14 or above or any CVS version newer than April 14th 2002.

    The --extremequality option was suppressed, because it wasn't really useful.

    Images which are transparent are now automatically rendered correctly, and a color mask can be used for images which don't have transparency information.

    The map background image can also be remote now (e.g.

    Page sizes can now be specified in centimeters (default), inches, or points.

  • 1.51 :

    Now accepts arbitrary page sizes expressed as WxH where W and H respectively are the Width and Height of the page in centimeters (e.g. 21x29.7 for ISO A4).

    Small bug fixes and some parameters checks added.

  • 1.50 :

    Now works as a CGI script, with a default HTML form included.

    Module documentation generated with HappyDoc is now included.

    Margins can now be set in centimeters, inches, or points.

    In the configuration file, you can now use URLs for Image shapes (but you must double-quote them).

  • 1.0 :

    Minor tweaks to the code, and improved documentation.

    CVS tree now imported to SourceForge's CVS, all CVS vars reset to blank.

  • 0.99 :

    Inclusion of a sample script and datas, with the permission of MapIt's author, Bernhard Herzog, from Intevation GmbH.

  • 0.9 :

    Code simplifications wrt image caching, and previsions about the future canvas in ReportLab.

    Unneeded forms are not created anymore : saves space.

    The map background is now rotated correctly.

    Configuration files now accept a thickness field, to set the pen width for the shape drawing.

  • 0.8 :

    Errors are PDFMapError exceptions now

    Better CGI detection and preliminary skeleton

    Caches the list of available shapes

  • 0.7 :

    Doesn't use a Z field anymore

  • 0.2 to 0.6 :

    Big improvements

  • 0.1 :

    First version in (my) CVS

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