rain Nice, France
T: 18.0°C  H: 82%  P: 1008 hPa
Wind: 3.1 m/s from South South West
Rain showers
rain La Tontouta Nlle-Caledonie , New Caledonia
T: 19.0°C  H: 88%  P: 1018 hPa
Wind: 0.9 m/s from South
Towering cumulus clouds observed

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PyPlet :

  • PyPlet is a very simple IRC bot who speaks !
  • You can use PyPlet in learning environments, to help visually impaired people, or just for fun. Please tell us what you do with it.
  • PyPlet can be interfaced with ANY Text To Speech engine. Two scripts are provided as examples on how to interface PyPlet with Festival or MBrola.
  • PyPlet is written in Python and is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence

Please email bugs to alet@librelogiciel.com

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