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Latest modification : 2006-12-05 17:23 (french time)


  • 3.01:
    • Small fix for the "Invalid attributes" message.
  • 3.00:
    • Full support for XML namespaces added (see end of test program)
    • Named indentation levels, for easier use.
  • 2.24:
    • Copyright strings changed.
  • 2.23:
    • a typo caused a bug when _do_nothign() was called in CGI scripts
  • 2.22:
    • nothing is output when there's no content to output.
  • 2.21:
    • the _updatemapping() method now returns the new mapping's content.
    • a minor bug which prevented headers to be kept correct when adding or multiplying documents was corrected.
    • the copy module is not needed anymore.
  • 2.20:
    • basic arithmetic operations can now be made on XML_document instances, these constructs are now accepted:

      firstdoc + seconddoc

      seconddoc + firstdoc

      Where firstdoc is an instance of XML_document or one of its subclasses, and seconddoc is either an instance of XML_document or one of its subclasses or a string of text.

      Nota Bene: This will not exactly concatenate the two documents, instead the second one will be inserted as plain text at the current position in the new one. This may cause the indentation of the resulting document looks bad.

      yourdoc * intvalue

      intvalue * yourdoc

      Will repeat your document just like the * operator works with strings of text.

      Nota Bene: Since a multiplication is a big addition, same remark as above.

    • an infinite loop problem occured when doing a dir(yourdoc), it is now corrected, but as a consequences every method name beginning with "__" can't be used as a tag name. This shouldn't cause any problem, because tag names beginning with "__" are probably a very bad idea, if allowed at all.
    • an _updatemapping method was added to allow you to initialise or update the internal mapping used for the new templating facility.
  • 2.10:
    • Docstrings added to the _TAGGED_document.Tag class.
    • The __repr__ method is now defined once for all.
    • You can now use yourdoc["something"] = "anotherthing" to do powerful templating. See the test/ program for details, but beware: documents are not real mappings.
    • Truth value can now be tested: returns false for empty documents.
  • 2.00beta1:
    • Now fully integrates the jahtml module's functionnalities, providing access to an HTML_document class and a CGI_document class. WARNING: the API for what was in jahtml has changed, you MUST modify your programs before removing the old jahtml module.
    • The jahtml module is now considered as being obsolete.
    • includes templating facilities for the XML_document class as well as for the HTML_document and CGI_document classes
  • 1.29:
    • Rollback on certain "speed optimisations"
    • Needs cStringIO again.
  • 1.28:
    • Numerous speed optimisations
    • Doesn't need the cStringIO module anymore
  • 1.27:
    • Speed optimisation
  • 1.26:
    • The notation for naming spaces was introduced:

      will produce:




  • 1.25:
    • A new useful notation was introduced, you can now do something like:

      doc.onetag("...", attr="yes").othertag().adnauseam("easy tag nesting")

  • 1.24:
    • Tags that enclose nothing are now handled correctly, see test/ for examples.
    • Calls to yourtag("Some text", dummy="DUMMY") will now produce:

      <yourtag dummy="DUMMY">Some text</yourtag>

      instead of :

      <yourtag dummy="DUMMY">

      Some text


    • Some changes to the test program to reflect the new behaviour.
  • 1.23:
    • Now the license is set in
    • Now the _output() method accepts None as the file argument
    • Minor changes to the documentation
  • 1.22:
    • small problem in the documentation
  • 1.21:
    • small bug correction with empty text
  • 1.2 :
    • Large scale speed optimisations. The test program launched 5000 times is now 2.5 times faster than the 1.1 See the file CREDITS for details
  • 1.1 :
    • Now uses distutils as the installation method.
    • Documentation fixes, thanks to Kragen Sitaker.

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