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Latest modification : 2006-12-05 17:23 (french time)

ZShell News :

  • 1.60:
    • Now works with Python 2.2 and above.
  • 1.50:
    • You can finally separate multiple commands by the ; character. This allows you to do interesting things like :

      find / --exec "echo ------- ; echo {} ; lsperms {}"

  • 1.43:
    • Big bug in find's --exec command line option : only some commands worked. Should be ok now, thanks to Paul Winkler.
    • Bug in setprop and addprop when value contained spaces. Should be ok now, thanks again to Paul Winkler.
  • 1.42:
    • A patch to the Zope's Management Interface is included, so you can now use ZShell from the normal Zope's Management Interface. See README file for details on how to do this. Believe me, it's great !
  • 1.41:
    • Small bug corrected when using an empty history
    • ZShell's output uses less bytes now, because HTML tags are indented with a single space instead of four.
    • Clearer documentation about setenv and unsetenv.
  • 1.4:
    • Commands tid, dbconn, davlocks were added.
    • Commands printenv, unsetenv and setenv were added.
    • Command echo was added.
    • Preliminary support for variables on the command line, see README for details.
    • License is now the GNU GPL with no addition of my part, since the ZPL 2.0 is now compatible with the GPL.
    • Copyright strings and website changed.
  • 1.3:
    • You can now use ZShell from ZShellCLI, a true CLI developped by Andy McKay, which is now part of this package (in the ZShellCLI directory).
    • man plain text output corrected.
    • The commands input box (HTML textarea) wrapping was changed from physical to virtual because there was a problem with very long lines.
    • addprop and setprop syntax is now cleaner.
    • Commands dbname, dbsize, exec, uptime and zope were added.
    • Jim Penny's Debian manual page is now part of this package.
  • Older stuff : See NEWS file

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